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Race Day Outfits

Few occasions allow you to dress up and show off your sartorial prowess as much as a day at the races. However such events can fill even the most confident dresser with trepidation. Let Ben Sherman help you perfect the perfect race day outfit.

Race Dress Etiquette for Men

Depending where you go and the level of your tickets, most race courses will carry a dress code. For women that can get very detailed and tricky, however men don’t have as many elements to worry about, with a suit the order of the day in most instances.

The only element you’ll need to double check is the level of formality, ensuring you dress up or down accordingly.

Smoked Grey Textured Check Three Piece Camden Fit Suit Best Suits for The Races

With such an array of suits available, your choice of formalwear is almost infinite.

Grey suits are a great choice, as they form a smart, blank canvas to embellish with anything from patterned shirts and ties to pocket squares and socks.

If you want to go all out, a three-piece suit will make the perfect, formal statement. Raise it another level by opting for a classic Prince of Wales check suit, which will ensure that whether you travel to Ascot or York, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

Peacoat Twill Camden Fit Suit

On the other hand blue suits or shades of navy are great choices, especially if you dial up the brightness with a shade befitting of the party atmosphere of a day at the races. Red ties provide great contrast to a blue suit and are an ideal choice for race day.

Blue Depths Tonic Fit Suit Complete Your Race Day Look

Suit sorted, it’s now all about making that look your own. Patterned ties provide a great counterpoint to a sharp suit, while a patterned tie with a plain coloured shirt can really help sharpen your outfit for the races.

Pocket squares are the perfect way to add a finishing flourish to your formalwear, granting you another chance to show off your unique style. With pocket squares, remember to match up with a similar pattern to your tie or go for a block colour in a contrasting hue to avoid a clash.

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