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What To Wear To A Wedding

You’re getting ready for a wedding, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think you’ve got your outfit nailed. Then, you arrive at the venue - and disaster, you're blending in with the rest of the party. You're dressed identically to your fellow guests.

You deserve better than that. You can be more than just another, average wedding guest. Follow the Ben Sherman wedding suit guide to find out what you can wear to a wedding to help you stand out from the crowd. Be the true original with Ben Sherman for the ceremony.

Ben Sherman Wedding Suits

Step One: The Wedding Suit

Individuality is key - of course, so is a suit. You can't keep it casual, so try and make it unique - your suit can stand out from the crowd with ease.

Most men will opt for a grey, navy or black wedding suit - so, by simply changing the hue, you'll stand out from status quo. A tonic blue wedding suit is a vibrant alternative to navy, and a Prince of Wales grey checked suit is a perfect level of formality for a wedding - while going against the grain and refusing to look dull or drab.

Suits by Ben Sherman

Step Two: The Waistcoat

Ah, waistcoat or no waistcoat, the age old problem. This is your chance. Most men these days will opt for a two piece - a blazer and trousers with a shirt and tie. This is where you can stand out. It's the perfect opportunity to add some variety to your wardrobe.

Go one step further from the usual and add a contrasting waistcoat, with a hue that matches and styles out your wardrobe. Top tip: remember to make sure that the colour is a shade or two lighter, not darker, than your suit. The waistcoat is built to stand out.

Waistcoasts by Ben Sherman

Step Three: The Shirt

Look around you at the wedding. Take it in - the majority of people will be sporting a plain coloured shirt. Whites and greys. This is another perfect opportunity for you to peacock, and bring an element of your personal style to what can be a homogeneous, dull look that's outdated before it leaves the door. Statement printed shirts are sure to turn heads - soft checks, polka dots and floral cottons will really turn heads with your suit.

Ben Sherman Formal Shirts

Step Four: The Tie

We're nearly done - but now, we're in a tricky spot. It’s very easy in the hunt for individuality to go overboard, and throw a host of contrasting looks to your wedding suit... and look like you're trying too hard. It's a fine, underappreciated art.

A tie is an essential accessory for any wardrobe; a statement to contrast against your shirt - but it has to work in context with the rest of your suit. It's a plain tie against a patterned shirt, or a patterned tie on a plain shirt. You can't go over the top.

Ben Sherman ties

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