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What To Wear To An Evening Do

Choosing what to wear for an evening do can be a difficult task. After you’ve triple checked the invite to try and work out what ‘black tie’ or ‘smart casual’ means, you then come to the realisation that whatever etiquette suggests you should wear isn’t what you have in your wardrobe.

But don’t worry, dressing for an evening do doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Follow our guide, and we’ll make sure you don’t make a misstep.

Black Tie Event

Whether it be a prom, awards night or film premiere, few events strike fear into a man like a red carpet event. The majority of us don’t have to don tops and tails very often, so the alien nature of the formality of the event can get even the coolest of customers hot under the collar.

In reality, a red carpet event is actually one of the easiest to prep for. Choose a classic slim cut black suit, pair with a shirt featuring a cutaway collar and double cuff and black high shine shoes, then wear with a bow tie to complete an outfit ready to grace even the most exclusive of events.

Club Night

When we say club night, we mean a club night. Not a ropey disco down your local sticky-floored club, we’re talking about a proper night out like they used to make them.

Such an occasion calls for a bit more than you’d wear down the pub. Younger readers may not remember, but we used to dress up properly for a night out. For such an occasion, opt for a dark classic suit, clean white shirt and a statement tie to add a pop of colour and interest to your look.

Night Out

Once your confidence grows with wearing a suit, you’ll want to do so all the time, and a night out isn’t off limits in your quest to look your sharpest.

While tops and tails are obviously too formal for a night out with friends, other suit types aren’t off limits. Choose a lightweight suit and dress it down with a printed shirt and no tie.

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