The Last Word


How did Babeheaven form?

We’re childhood friends, we met through playing football in Hyde Park on weekends with our families and started hanging out and making music after working on the same street for a few years.

How do you as a band begin the process of writing music? What comes first the music or the vocals?

The music always comes first either through shaping a song around drums or around a line on a piano etc, and then Nancy starts to come up with melodies and lyrics.

Where did the name Babeheaven come from?

It came from just trying out a lot of names one night at a party, and then finding Babeheaven pretty funny, we had a song we wanted to upload so we just used it without really thinking about it too much. We will be releasing a bigger project towards the end of the year!

What projects do you have lined up this year that you can tell us about?

We will be releasing a bigger project towards the end of the year!

Fashion and music have always been aligned, how does music influence the band’s style and vice versa?

My own style has always been influenced by the music I listened to when I was growing up and also by my parents. I love the R&B aesthetic - bright colours, big jeans - but I don’t think I take it all the way. Living and growing up around a market means we have always been able to find great vintage clothes so I mix that in too to create a style that is my own. We are naturally very interested in fashion and have a lot of friends in the fashion world, so our style (and music) is mostly influenced by our London lifestyle and local community.

Growing up in the 90s and 00s, what does Ben Sherman mean to you?

Jamie: Growing up people used to wear a lot of Ben Sherman jackets with the tartan interior, i think i had one of those. in my mind it was quite aligned with the indie/mod scene. Nancy: I think Ben Sherman is a heritage brand- I had a jacket when I was growing up and have always loved the knitwear and cardigans. Ben Sherman always related to kind of any indie rock moment of my life and reminds me of my teens.

How would you describe your music? How has your music evolved? (music, fashion etc.)

Our music is post-rave, for after the party when you are freaking out and trying to relax and maybe cry. Its evolved from more of a bedroom project into more the use of studios, for example early songs would be all programmed drums or samples, but now we have access to a lot more instruments and can be more creative.

Being chosen as a PRS Foundation momentum artist is an amazing achievement, what do you hope to gain from their funding and support?

Its amazing and can help us to tour and build our fanbase and to help us continue to create the music we want to be making.

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