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The indie-rock band Childcare sat down with Ben Sherman to talk about what makes them tick. Don’t miss out on their gig at our Carnaby street store on Thursday 13TH June.

How did CHILDCARE begin and where does the name come from?

CHILDCARE is the brainchild of Ed Cares, who used to be one of West London’s most indemand male nannies before forming the band.

How has being born and raised in London informed your music taste?

London is one of the most diverse and eclectic cities in the world so you’re always interacting with a wide range of musicians and genres. We pluck inspiration from all over the place; Rich is a techno DJ for example, Emma is a jazz singer and Ed is a ferocious reader which is probably why his lyrics are so interesting. London is also so huge and sprawling that you can create whatever you want without fear of judgement - surely someone out there’s gonna be into it!

What’s your desert island album?

The Beatles - Abbey Road

What are 3 themes CHILDCARE is constantly trying to communicate when making music?

love, joy, wellness

How do your tracks come about? What is the process for making music?

Ed tends to come up with the initial idea and brings it to the table for the rest of us to chew on. We then jam over it and work out parts and arrangements.

What has been the biggest pinch me moment since starting CHILDCARE?

You can’t beat the first time you hear your song on the radio. Headlining the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds was also top notch; we’re playing the Radio 1 stage there this year which makes for a very exciting comeback.

Growing up in the 90s and 00s, what does Ben Sherman mean to you?

Ben Sherman = beautiful brave British boys.

Being chosen as a PRS Foundation momentum artist is an amazing achievement, what do you hope to gain from their funding and support?

the money we were kindly awarded by the PRS Foundation is sadly long gone but invaluably funded our last headline tour. Without them, we may still be nannying.

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