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The Archive Collection

The Ben Sherman archive collection is made up of pieces that are true homages to their originals. With meticulous attention to detail, these timeless designs are revived and elevated.

Our new archive collection draws inspiration from the time Ben Sherman spent in America, taking inspiration from the slacker style of the Ivy League students. When he returned to the UK in the 1960’s he brought with him a new level of style, colour and fabric that had never been seen before in the UK.

Each piece in the collection represents different decades in our iconic history, from the 1960s Modernist shirt, a true gingham that never goes out of style, through to the pastel candy stripes of our 1990s Hanover shirt. The archive collection also draws inspiration from the sports wear style of Ivy League with the logo sweat, featuring the original Ben Sherman logo.

Each shirt in the collection features our original 3-finger button-down collar. Read on to find out more about our favourite pieces.

Inspired by the Ivy League style of the 1960’s America, Ben Sherman launched his own range of shirts in 1963. The shirts were a huge success, offering something brand new and previously unseen in England. He used Oxford fabric in pale shades, pale pink, yellow and blue, the best quality fabrics, that were imported from America.

The 80’s saw a huge change in how Britain’s youth wore clothes, everything was loud and proud and in your face. British youth culture was in full flow and the 80’s showed a new generation of youth that clothing could be a key indicator of belonging to a culture or movement.

Britain was in the midst of its love affair with Brit Pop and all the fashion and style that came with it. No one would be seen without their favorite Ben Sherman shirt and would wear it with pride. A Ben Sherman shirt truly was a statement for the youth of the 90s.

The 90’s saw sportswear take centre stage with huge logos everywhere. Our Archive Sweatshirt uses the original Ben Sherman logo in a bold style statement that harks back to an era of oversized slogans and a classic sportswear colour palette.

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