The Last Word

The Series: AW19

Returning for Autumn/Winter 2019, Ben Sherman presents The Series.

A curated collection of inspirational individuals.

The original British heritage brand sits down with original British creatives, stars and true originals.

Find out what makes talent tick – and unpick the threads that have stitched Ben Sherman into the fabric of Cool Britannia, and our influence on the world’s stage.

The Series is dedicated to Inspirational figures and individuals who focus on being an original – who create, innovate and dedicate themselves to an industrious lifestyle in sports, photography and modelling.

This season we have interviews with…

Luke Campbell MBE - who claimed gold at the London 2012 Olympics with his unmistakable style both in and out of the Boxing Ring. In 2014, Luke launched the Luke Campbell Foundation, a charity aimed to ensure disadvantaged children are given every opportunity to follow in his footsteps.

Roger Frampton, founder of the ‘Frampton Method’ and world-renowned movement coach. Roger’s revolutionary training techniques place emphasis on conscious movement, combining bodyweight exercises with aspects of gymnastics and yoga. Roger’s TED talk ‘Why sitting down destroys you’ has been viewed over 2 million times, and his book, ‘The Flexible Body’, has been an Amazon best seller since it was published.

Chris Reid - A photographer, DJ & Model, with effortless style in front and behind the camera. Chris and his unique portrait photography style gets up close and personal with his subjects, exploring and celebrating their quirks and personal style. He started working as a model in 2013, and has since gone on to model for some of the biggest brands both in the UK and globally.

This is The Series. From Ben Sherman – a true original, since 1963.

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