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Terrace Style


For many Brits, the joy of going to the football on a Saturday is not limited to the unpredictability of the action on the pitch or the quality of the pre match pies. Since the late 70s, what you wear to the match has been almost important as the game itself.

With the heat turning up on one of the most exciting Premier League seasons to date, - not to mention the European Championship just around the corner - we want to give you a little history of the interwoven relationship between fashion and the terraces, and a few of the key Ben Sherman pieces to help you nail the terrace look.

The story goes that as Liverpool fans travelled to Europe in support of their heroes during the 1970s, fans brought back with them high end French and Italian sportswear brands to wear on the Kop. The style was adapted by fans up and down the country, and by the 80s the style had evolved as fans meshed the European styles with British brands such as your very own Ben Sherman. Casual culture – thankfully minus the violence – adheres to this day, and we think the garments below nail the look to a tee:

Terrace Style

1. Hooded Waterproof parka

A classic of casual culture, the parka is the perfect outerwear for the walk to the ground and an afternoon on an open terrace. Full of the finest Ben Sherman touches from the internal gingham-patched pockets and tab branding to the concealed zip front, this parka will do you proud in any crowd.

2. House gingham long sleeve check shirt

What better to layer under your parka than this check shirt in our house gingham? This lightweight Oxford cloth shirt is ready to be buttoned all the way up to the nines, as is mandatory.

Terrace Style

3. Skinny dry rub jeans

A contemporary take on the classic terrace denims of the 70s and 80s, these skinny dry rub jeans in indigo feature rear leather patch branding, zip fly and fit-specific colour stitch detail – pop those hems to show it off.

4. Leather desert boot

The only boot fit for the terrace. The leather desert boot from Ben Sherman provides effortless daily style with durable rubber sole, leather heel pull tab and flat waxed laces.

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