The Last Word

The Essentials


You’re almost there. The colder weather is on its last legs and warmer times are around the corner. Obviously, this being the UK we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves; it could suddenly snow next week.

However, the weather has been more promising of late, the clocks are about to go forward and the mercury is slowly rising. With this mind, we thought it was about time to talk about your spring preparations – and we don’t mean planting lovely daffodils in your front garden. Over the course of the coming weeks or more, you’ll slowly embrace al fresco activities; like having a pint in a beer garden with the warm sun on your back or having your packed lunch outside. What a delight. To do that, you need to have the right get-up and that’s where we come in.

The best place to start (for avoiding wardrobe overload) is filter out mid-winter items that you know you won’t need for the next six months or won’t wear ever again – that’s heavy gauge knits, one season wonders or that arctic parka you bought for when it dips below zero. Once you’ve made some room, it’s time to bring out the spring must-haves. At Ben Sherman, we are proud of our essentials collection; sharp, modern and always inspired by our heritage.

Whether you’ve already got some of these ticked off or you want more of your sartorial bases covered, we have the checklist you need. Brighter colours, lightweight layering and the right footwear for the milder conditions – this is our pick of what you need.

The Polo

Our Romford polo shirt has, over the decades, become part of our make-up. The tipped collar and sleeves along with the chest branding provide a simple and subtle acknowledgement that it’s one of ours. Strong colours have always been important to us and spring is the ideal to embrace it.

The Check Shirt

Simply put, the Ben Sherman check or gingham shirt is an icon of our heritage and of British men’s style history. Mods, Skinheads and the Brit-pop era; the button-down shirt with the distinctive design is timeless. Still relevant today, we offer it in a range of new season colours.


Approach with caution when wearing it on its own in England, you can never completely trust our weather. However, it’s good to update and refresh your t-shirt selection. The previous summer’s escapades may have taken their toll, so be sure to double check. Here’s a few in case.


Almost goes without saying that you’ll be changing up your footwear in preparation for spring and summer, but we’ll say it anyway. Sharp, lightweight and breathable is the order of the day and our latest collection covers it. From smart tasselled loafers to casual desert boots, we’ll put a spring in your step! (Sorry about the pun)

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