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The Last Word

A 1960s Original Recreated

Sometimes, you need to look back to move forward. Celebrate the events that made you what you are today, and explore how they’ll continue to shape your existence. This month, we are doing that very thing. Actually, we are doing it twice in one fell swoop, as we celebrate both our founder, Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, and his iconic, trailblazing button-down shirt from 1963. We’ll introduce you to our contemporary tribute to this style classic shortly, but first, the background.

Arthur Benjamin Sugarman

Our founder was born in Brighton in 1925, before moving to the land of the free as he got the key to the door at 21. Working at his father-in-law’s shirt factory gave him a taste for textiles, and he soon ended up in charge of the whole shooting match. Changing his name to Ben Sherman to fit in better with his new American friends, he adapted the factory’s techniques to produce the vibrant checked and striped shirts favoured by the myriad amazing jazz musicians of the time.

After returning back to Blighty in 1961 for family reasons, Sherman wanted to give the British public a taste of the groundbreaking styles and techniques he’d perfected back in the US.


The button-down

And so the button-down shirt was born. This classic of American preppy style became the go-to shirt of choice for the burgeoning Mod movement in Britain, and Sherman’s favourite striped number was an instant hit. The versatility of the button-down means it’s still the go-to shirt for men in the know today, and no wardrobe is complete without one.


The Sugarman

To celebrate the achievements, we’ve recreated this style classic so the modern man can experience it’s lustre. Each shirt is packaged in its own presentation box, as was the custom in 1963, with all of the features of the original present and correct. Button-down collar, chest pocket, box pleat, locker loop, back neck button and the all-important signature tab artwork in our man’s now famous scrawl.

A true menswear classic you won’t want to miss.