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The Last Word

Cool Winter Breaks

When you're looking for your next short term break, the obvious go-to is a summer break full of sun, sea and sand. However, to limit yourself to only such holidays would be an error in our eyes. For us, there are few things more enjoyable than wrapping up warm and exploring a new city with the crackle of frost and fallen leaves under our feet.

With this in mind, for this week's edition of the Last Word, we introduce you to some of our absolute favourite cold break destinations, and the threads you should be packing to accompany you.


They say when visiting Iceland, you shouldn’t plan too much and be too prescriptive with your itinerary, instead letting Reykjavik and its surroundings guide you. With this in mind, we won’t be too granular with our recommendations for visiting this great Scandinavian city. Pack your swimming kit to take advantage of Iceland’s many hot springs, with Geysir, the largest in Europe and just an hour’s drive from the city, a must visit.

Beyond this, we recommend you wrap up warm and wander the streets of the city, stopping and appreciating everything that catches the eye.


A favourite city break destination for many a year, Berlin is arguably at its best in the colder months, with the cold and stark nature of the prevailing conditions perfectly matching the architecture and surroundings.

However if the cold is proving a little too much for you, the clubs of the German city are just the thing to keep you warm as the bitter evening air kicks in. The Berghain is the obvious choice – should the club’s notoriously strict door policy be successfully navigated – while Chalet and Kaffee Burger are also strong options.


The Danish capital has overtaken the aforementioned Berlin as the place for those in the know to go, and like its predecessor it makes so much more sense when the nights are cold and dark.

Like Reykjavik, Copenhagen is a city best explored on foot, and a day spent perusing all of the independent delights the Papiroen neighbourhood has to offer, while WAR Pigs will soon become your favourite watering hole.