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The Last Word

Get Ready For NYE

Many people dread New Year’s Eve, making plans months in advance and feeling like they have to do something. For us at the Last Word, it’s the best time of the year, the perfect chance to catch up with friends you’ve neglected for a while or family who you just don’t see anywhere near enough.

It’s also one of those special occasions that generally calls for some new threads. There’s enough stress involved with the night anyway, so follow our guide below to find the perfect NYE outfit for you, however you plan to see in the New Year.

House Party

A NYE classic, the house party – whether a wild one with mates or something a bit more homely with the family – still necessitates you look good, even if you aren’t going out-out. A good NYE house party will no doubt involve a fair amount of lounging, some kitchen leaning and a little bit of merriment when the clock hits twelve and you dance in front of the TV to Jools’ Hootenanny. Therefore, your outfit needs to be smart but comfortable, fitting all the activities listed above.

Local Pub

A classic for a reason, seeing the year in down at the local is still one of the best ways to spend your last evening of the year. You know the people, you know the setup, you have your usual chair, plus whatever ‘interesting’ entertainment the landlord or lady has decided to put on for the occasion. Don’t forget to wrap up, as that 1am walk home from the pub seems much longer than usual if you’ve gone out in just a shirt.

The Club

For those of us a bit more long in the tooth, NYE is one of the few opportunities to get out there and reconnect with all the your classic dance moves from your youth. Dancing the New Year in is always entertaining, but again comes with its own unique set of considerations when it comes to clothing. You want a comfortable yet stylish shoe to give enough grip on a slippery club floor when you’re showing off your most extravagant moves, and a lightweight jacket which you’ll be incredibly thankful for when queueing for entry in the cold

Street Party

Finally, we have the humble New Year’s street party. Fireworks, the last of the mulled wine, maybe a little hip flask, it’s what festive dreams are made of. It goes without saying that it’s winter in the UK, so it’s going to be pretty cold. Layers are your friend here, so team a warm coat with a rollneck jumper and boots to ensure you stay warm from head to toe.