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The Last Word

New Year, New You

The coming of a new year is a chance to reset. It’s your opportunity to draw a line under everything that happened in the previous year and enter the next twelve months with renewed focus and vigour.

This sense of hope and new beginnings that the coming of a new year brings can be harnessed to great effect. For us, the best way to make the most of this opportunity is to set a series of clear, achievable goals as opposed to one large, difficult to complete one.

To make the process even easier for you, we’ve pulled together a selection of our top New Year’s resolutions for 2018.


Set yourself up for the day, every day by reworking your morning routine. Do you really need that extra 20 minutes in bed? Day by day, aim to get to bed five minutes earlier and get up five minutes earlier, until you’ve earned yourself an extra 30 minutes to an hour each morning. This will give you the time to properly wake into the day, and focus on more than just getting into work without toothpaste and toast crumbs down your front.

Look to get a good, well rounded breakfast in every day - you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes - and give yourself time for a bit of exercise before you sit at a desk for eight hours. That leads us nicely on to…


Those who’ve already mastered this can skip to the next point, but for the rest of us, getting and staying in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. You don’t need to fall for any of 2018’s fitness trends, just working some level of exercise into your routine at a manageable rate and scaling up as you progress will give you huge benefits to both body and mind in the long run.

If you manage to follow point one and buy yourself some extra time in the morning, then a brisk morning workout two to three times a week, coupled with a longer workout on a weekend, will show noticeable benefits in a relatively short period.

The best way to ease into it and give good all-round benefit from each gym session is to start with five minutes on the treadmill to get your heart going, then use weight machines or free weights for twenty minutes or so, doing three sets of twelve reps on each muscle group, making sure you focus on your whole body. Follow this by 20 minutes of fairly high intensity cardio, and you’ve set yourself up for the day.


If you’re not one to follow trends, however, simply giving yourself the aim of updating or filling out your wardrobe essentials is a great start. With a good Harrington Jacket, plain shirts and t-shirts, a small selection of knitwear or sweaters and a few different shades of chinos and jeans, alongside a couple of footwear options in varied formality, you’ve got the dream capsule wardrobe perfect for any occasion that every man wants.