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The Interview

A job interview is a nervy event, with much work to be done beforehand to make sure you bring your “A game”. Unfortunately for many, choosing what to wear for a job interview is one of the most angst-ridden tasks in the whole process, however, it doesn’t have to be this way.

This week, the Last Word will take on the burden of getting your interview attire right on your behalf, so you can concentrate on preparing your responses to ensure what you say is as good as you look and don’t need to worry about what to wear to an interview.

10 Things To Know About Tailoring

1. What to wear to an interview?

The general rule of thumb is to go two levels up from the daily attire of the job role. In many instances, a suit is the right choice when it comes to job interview outfits.

2. What colour suit should I wear for an interview?

When it comes to what to wear for an interview you need to show you mean business so whilst you can wear anything you want, go for darker hues to show that both you and your attire are serious.

3. The power of navy?

Navy is seen to be the best colour to wear for an interview as blue is seen to indicate a candidate that is trustworthy, confident and a team player. We say navy all the way!

4. How important is the fit of a suit?

The fit of a suit is the most important part of the entire outfit. Pick a style to match your body shape, Ben Sherman offer a slimmer Camden fit and a more tailored Kings Fit, ensure your sleeve, trouser length and shoulders fit just right. For a more flattering jacket bring in the shoulders and button up your top button. Trousers should be slimmer to be more flattering and avoid wrinkles.

5. What colour shoes should I wear for an interview?

Black or brown are the safest choice and don’t forget to match to your belt, too.

6. What shirt should I wear for an interview?

Keep it clean and classic, a crisp white or a light blue. Blue is a good colour to wear to an interview as it radiates confidence and trust and wearing white can be an indicator that a candidate is organised and efficient.

7. What tie is right for an interview?

Ditch the novelty knots and go for something classic – plain or simple patterns are ideal and as a rule of thumb go two shades darker with your tie colour than your suit colour. Slimmer ties are also more flattering and can make your whole look feel more current.

8. Should I accessorise?

Adding small flourishes to your suit can help to give a hint to your own individual style and make you more memorable – in a good way – from other candidates. Consider matching a tonal pocket square to your tie and adding a tie bar.

9. Should I button up my jacket?

With a two button jacket the rule is, the top button is all you need. One button done up when you are stood up and definitely unbutton before you sit down.

10. Should my sleeve cuffs show?

You want the cuffs of your shirt to show about half an inch from your jacket, ensure the amount of cuff on show is even on both sides.

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