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Hedonist's Guide to Summer

The Hedonist's Guide to Summer 2016

We may be in the grip of winter but at Ben Sherman we like to look ahead. As it's new year and January can be a bit dull, let's discuss holiday plans. There's nothing that gets people through a British winter better than having a trip booked in. This edition is all about debauchery, so our ideas will follow suit. We've put together our favourite must-visit destinations for an anti-detox, anti-dry January summer holiday.

As it's us, they will not be run of the mill; so if you're expecting to see seven nights in Magaluf or a Prague weekender, you should probably click away. With some heavy research involving nightlife, style, weather, the people and cultural capital we came up with a shortlist. From decadent city breaks to fun in the sun, we have your summer months covered.

Forget relaxing yoga retreats and luxury eco resorts, we are here to channel your inner hedonist. You deserve it, probably. Here's our list.



Croatian party islands aren't exactly an original idea, but it's hard to look passed Hvar when it comes to a hedonistic summer. The stylish combination of beach, harbour front nightlife and the weather make it a no brainer really. It's also not completely overrun with boozy brits. If you're looking for a good looking, eclectic crowd this is the choice. If you have time, take the boat trip around the nearby Paklinski Islands.


Krakow, Poland

When you think of summer breaks, Poland doesn't necessarily spring to mind. The country's second city does have its fair share of warm, sunny weather. The nightlife is beginning to carve out a legendary status if it hasn't done already. Whether it's a boozy stag do, city break or a few days away with mates Krakow can handle it. The architecture, people, drinks prices and late night culture make it ideal for a debauched visit.


Marathon du Médoc, Bordeaux

Take a trip to the South of France in late Summer and run a marathon; half of that idea sounds appealing but bear with us. The Marathon du Médoc combines "wine, sports, fun and health" – apparently. Picture running 26.2 miles of wine stops, local food tasting and fancy dress through scenic French vineyards and you've more or less got it. It's basically the most idiotic race ever conceived; perfect for a debauched trip away.

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