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Best Places to Eat Too Much in London


Gluttony; apparently it’s one of the seven deadly sins. Our slightly immoral countdown urges you to proceed with caution. For meat lovers, vegetarians and pescatarians London has something for you. We are here for those that have bravely avoided new healthy eating regimes. We cast the spotlight on our favourite pig out cuisine, just for you.

These are the best places to eat in London where you can quite easily eat too much; just don’t do it every day, because you’ll be in trouble. This is not a list of greasy spoon cafes and all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants. It seems, pigging out just got stylish. So if you’re in attendance, you probably shouldn’t wear your tracksuit bottoms.

The weather’s grim and summer feels like a distant memory. It’s time to find solace somehow; maybe with some on-point comfort food. From hipster Shoreditch to the bustling West End, we’ve found the menu for you. So, make this weekend a decadent one.


Camden, Shoreditch & Brixton

A good place to start, The Blue Kitchen has a Deep South theme that runs from the décor right through to the music and the food. On the subject of pigging out, there’s plenty of choice; try alligator tails, New Orleans gumbo and slow smoked beef ribs as well as lots, lots more. With a broad choice of bourbon, cocktails and beers finding a drink to suit you and your mates won’t be hard either.


The Food: Chicken and steak

In the middle of this former tram-generator building turned restaurant there’s an installation by Damien Hirst; a Hereford cow and a cockerel preserved in a steel and glass tank of formaldehyde known as “Cock ‘n’ Bull” obviously. If that doesn’t make you hungry, Mark Hix’s chicken and steak menu will. Gorge your way through beef, poultry, cocktails and spirits. The refectory-style setting suits a big crowd of friends. Treat yourselves.


The Food: Burgers
Notting Hill

Almost a given on these kind of lists, the humble burger has been riding the crest of a meaty wave for a good few years. Opting for one that’s a little different, we’ve gone for Jamaican themed restaurant Boom Burger. Combining British-bred beef with “a little taste of Jamaica that’s making the heart of London go boom!” Think jerk spices, wings and fresh fish sitting alongside the burgers on the menu.


The Food: Fish and seafood

Oysters, crab, mussels, lobsters and fresh fish; this is a feast of British seafood in a British seaside setting. The restaurant has a nautical look, making it a nice change from the usual wood, bricks and exposed industrial metal of most other places in London. For the drinkers among you, there’s a good mix. From pale ales and cocktails to a big choice of white wine, there’s something for everyone.


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