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Maximise Your Weekend

48 Hours of Debauchery

Weekends are often wasted. You spend all of the working week looking forward to them and they pass by without anything memorable happening. Then you go into work on Monday morning and you can’t remember what you did – “Oh, I watched a few films… Went for a few beers on Saturday night… went to B&Q.” Sometimes it pays to make plans, debauched plans.

We’ve already shown you what to do this summer, but what if you can’t wait that long. This is our pick of the best weekend and one day festivals, parties and events coming soon in Europe. From London to Amsterdam, we have the debauchery checklist that you need. We also have our suggestions of what to wear; if you’ve had too much to drink, at least make sure you’re looking good when you pile into your taxi home.

With everything from craft beer to Viking feasts, our list guarantees something interesting:


Maidstone, Kent

The Kent County Showground sounds like an unlikely place to bring the “taste of Ibiza to the south east of England” – but it does, minus the weather and bikinis. If you like your music loud and your crowds big, this is the one to fill that pre-summer void. House music, two converted warehouses in the countryside and lots of food and drink; what else do you need for a big weekend. It’s on Saturday 6th February so get your tickets quickly.


Clapham, London

If you need something to do on Easter Bank Holiday this year that involves beer, we’ve found something you might like. Craft 100 is free to get in, sells over a hundred UK brewed beers and doesn’t have a silly token system. Simply buy your commemorative pint glass and get started. It’s a great choice for a big group of you. So, much so that in the time it’s taken me to write this I’ve decided I’m going to go this year.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Held every year, King’s Day in Amsterdam is big, busy and colourful. This year it’s on 27th April, which is actually a Wednesday and not on a weekend. So, you’ll have to book some days off work, sorry. Before King’s Day comes King’s Night and that’s when the drinks start to really flow; the Dutch are a relaxed bunch, so expect a good time. Don’t forget to wear orange, everyone else will be and there’ll be a lot of them.


Reykjavík, Iceland

At this time of year it’s still pretty chilly over there as you’d expect, but don’t let that put you off. Reykjavik has a fast growing reputation as a debauched nightlife destination, with a difference and at all times of the year. Fifty bars that change with the seasons line the main street, so there’s plenty of choice. During the day there’s a lot do as well; try an active volcano tours, you’ll need a drink after that.


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