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Festive Style


FESTIVE STYLE: HOW TO GET IT RIGHT The festive season is a time of booze, meats, mates and family get-togethers. Not particularly taxing compared to the overcast woe of a mid-January commute. So, it’s best to try and enjoy December. Emails, text messages and Facebook notifications; the party invites are in.

The office Christmas party, NYE black tie or wintry drinks in the local pub; before you go dress code crazy, we are here to show you how to look good. That way, you can let Gavin from Finance wear his reindeer jumper on his own this year. There’s no need to reach for the velvet tuxedo or ill-fitting “going out” shirt either. Regardless of the festivities, it’s easy to get it right. No frills, no musical ties; just seasonal, smart and tailored.


A much maligned but eventful Christmas knees up, the work party has a long history of misbehaviour and mis-dressing. Here’s how to improve the sartorial prospects at least. Our house gingham suit is smart and has a seasonal look; so if you’re looking to make an impression, this is the choice. We suggest wearing it with our high shine oxblood loafers.


A classic party season dress code with an iconic look, but we think there’s more than one way to do it right. Forget bow ties and cumberbunds, this is the alternative approach. Our shadow check dinner suit fits the bill and subtly stands out from the rest. Ideal. The navy tie and grey pocket square keep the formality without being too stuffy.


Most people’s favourite winter drinks destination. During the festive period you may be visiting the pub a lot, so it’s important to look good. We keep it sharp and textured without trying too hard; our blazers looks good dressed down with a merino jumper and smart Oxford Shirt. The house gingham scarf will keep you warm on the way there.

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