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The Last Word

The Perfect Free Kick

Football lifestyle is our main focus this week. We take a look at its history and how this popular subculture came to life. We let you in on our tips on how to keep warm, but look on point whilst cheering on your favourite team from the terraces.

A classic Parka will certainly give you a strong Terrace feel AND keep you warm. It's a versatile wardrobe staple that can go with even the most garish of football team colours! Alternatively - opt for a Harrington Jacket that will give you a more polished look. Team with a roll neck for warmth and a vintage hark back to footy days gone by.

Football casuals were all about the colours. Influenced heavily by Italian and French brands, the look quickly shifted from the beloved tracksuit to polo shirts. They were bright and colour coordination was often disregarded.

Something else to remember about the casuals is their attention to detail. A colourful and bright polo was a go to piece, even better if the garment was displaying some small and hidden patterns

We are not changing the rules here as a nice pair of straight cut jeans are already an all time classic and will fit any look. Instead of going for a traditional light blue, we’d suggest a navy blue denim.

Accessories are not originally part of the classic Terrace outfit, however, we think a carefully chosen accessory will give a most needed modern twist to this loved 80s outfit while keeping you warm at the same time.